The High Court appointed Robert Marren Solicitor, Mullingar administrator for the estate. Subsequently Michael Gavin and his sister Eileen Linney had one and only one meeting with Mr. Robert Marren Solicitor at his office located on Castle Street Mullingar, at which he inquired if they had their wills made. He informed them he intended to hire an additional accountant to oversee the accounts. They profusely objected to this and told him it was an unnecessary expense for the estate, but he bulldozed ahead regardless.
The issue of non-payment of grants from the Department of Agriculture to Michael Gavin the appointed herd keeper eat up many a letter and despite the fact that 2 of his estranged sisters Anne Sanford, Wellesley, Mass USA & Kathleen O’Keefe, Glanmire, Cork promised to buy feed stuffs and also promised that he would be reimbursed at closing. Michael never got a cent and in essence he was forced to use my old age pension and savings to feed the animals that would have starved otherwise for 9 years. They had no objection to accepting the gross payments from the sale of the animals, and although Mr Marren “made a decision” to finally accept his claim to owning half of the cattle and all of the sheep he could not see the logic to paying out the grant monies associated with same.
The beneficiaries failed to accept that Michael Gavin is entitled to half the farming profits (i.e. half the net proceeds of the Department of Agriculture Grants from 2005-2013 inclusive, after deduction of Income Tax paid in respect of the joint farming operation) and/or in the alternative, fair compensation for work done and services rendered by Michael Gavin in looking after the deceased’s animals over the period.

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