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Scientology black PR?? In Ireland??

Apparently so.

For those unaware of what black PR is here is the explanation from Wikipedia:

Black Public Relations (BPR) or negative PR is a process of destroying someone's reputation and corporate identity. In other words, instead of concentrating your efforts in the maintenance and the creation of a positive reputation/ image of your clients, you are trying to discredit someone' else (usually your business rivals). Unlike the regular services in Public…

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From the archives - part 2

A price list from 1995. Note the word 'donation' instead of 'price'.

Assuming you do not require any extra auditing that’ll cost you a total of £3,145. Adjusted for inflation that’s about €5,700 which is a sizeable chunk of change – and you still aren’t anywhere near being clear… Continue

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From the archives - part 1

Been going through some old files today and came across this interesting letter from a Scientologist to the Dialogue Centre (the precursor to Dialogue Ireland). I am guessing it is from 1994 (there is no date on it).

The reason I am posting it here, in full, is because it is illustrative of the Scientology response to criticism. I include my comments below.


My name is [name snipped] and I am a Scientologist. You do not know me but you have met my…

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