RogueAnonymous: The Fall of David Miscavige

RogueAnonymous was one of the great vidfags of early Chanology, and had a fan thread on WWP "Tracking RogueAnonymous".

His vids usually start with Arabic music and are cast in a WWII newsreel style.

He withdrew his YouTube channel. Fortunately, WhiteTrashMessiah reposted all his vids. Enturbanon created a playlist of them.

PSA001 is one of his greatest. It contains both the Soviet National Anthem and God Save The Queen.

He ends:

"Before I go I have a personal message for you, David Miscarrige. Transmission is as follows:

Eyes to the North, your kingdom will freeze.
Eyes to the East, your kingfom will starve.
Eyes to the South, your kingdom will burn.
Eyes to the West, your kingdom will flood.
And David, eyes to the ground, your kingdom will fall."

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