Many people ask why i do this and here are my reasons why:

First of all I am still very new to all of this and i do not know as much as people like TheMadHair or Spete. But here is why I do it.


Reason one: The amounts of deaths that have been happening. One that is most well known is the one about a woman called Lisa McPherson. She was a member of the church and when she got in to a car crash she was not that bad phisicly but mentaly she was very shaken. When at Hospital  she was picked up by some other members of the church and was being takento another hospital. One that had a church member in it. This was a problem because it was not twenty miles away but forty miles and she had died on the door step of that hospital. So that is my first problem is the fact that she was not looked after properly and was abused when in the church and that when she die she had not a penny to her name. 

Reason2: The policies of the Church: The church as two main policies that are not only HARMFUL but also A VIOLATION on HUMAN RIGHTS. This is because they both attack the FREEDOM OF SPEECH. The first on is called disconnection. This means that if you have a family member that dose not like what you are doing with the church then you have to brake away from them full stop. I have a problem with this one because it stops people for giving their freedom of speech and also it shows just how brain washed they are because they almost do it like it is normal. The second one is on of their most dangerous policies. IT is called fair game. This means that if you speak out agents the they are aloud to stop you by any means possible. The most famous case is back in the 1960s a journalist called Paulett Copper wrote a book called "The scandels of Sceintology" this lead to large amounts of herassment my the chuch over the book. This compleatly  distroyed her life for what they didi to her. 


These are two of the many reason why i do it. If you have any questions then i would like to hear them thanks


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