The Complex: Anonymous fights cult of Scientology's latest attempt to suppress a critical book

Hello. We are Anonymous.

An attempt to block the sale of an important new book has been brought to our attention. This conspiracy of censorship is part of an ongoing campaign by the cult of Scientology to bury sensitive information about its activities and operations.

Author John Duignan is a highly placed Scientology defector. His new book called 'The Complex' is already making news for its detailed exposure of Scientology's business structure, mind-control techniques and armed response capabilities. It is the first time a book has been written by a senior member of the cult's elite paramilitary.

Scientology does not want you to read 'The Complex', fearful of the impact an informed public would have on its sinister agenda. Scientology respects no boundary in its suppression of critical testimony. If denial fails to discredit those who would speak out, if bullying tactics fail to intimidate, then litigation is used as a weapon of coercion.

In this case, a threat of legal action has been received by the book's publisher and communicated to leading booksellers. Amazon has removed 'The Complex' from sale in the UK, and other companies are following suit. This pattern of activity is familiar to us. Previous decisions by Amazon to delete material critical of Scientology have been exposed on the Internet and thereby reversed. It is our intent to intensify such forms of correction.

Anonymous will not permit these latest revelations of Scientology's inner secrets to disappear, nor the others that will join them as former cult members gain the courage to commit their stories to the printed page.

To the Scientology drones behind this latest censorship attempt: your efforts are self-defeating. By trying to erase the infamous Tom Cruise video from the Internet, you have effected an exponential increase in the strength of opposition aligned against you. Clearly you have still not learned from your mistakes. Your slavish adherence to a path of paranoia, oppressive secrecy and corrupt influence creates demand for the information you want to suppress. It will be the source of your undoing.

Anonymous is watching. The public will be alerted whenever you seek to conceal in shadow that which belongs in the light. You cannot hide from the internet.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

'The Complex' by John Duignan and Nicola Tallant
ISBN: 978-1-903582-84-8
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