Anonymous Announce 'Operation: School's Closed'

DUBLIN, Ireland — On Saturday, September 13, the collective known as Anonymous will stage a global protest against the Church of Scientology management, its attempts to infiltrate schools, and its internal exploitation of children. Since January, Anonymous has staged seven successful, non-violent protests at over 130 Scientology centres around the world, including the Mission of Dublin Ltd on 62/63 Middle Abbey Street.

Each global protest has a theme intended to raise public awareness of specific abuses. In September, Anonymous turns its attention to the harm caused to children. Since 1970, the Church of Scientology has worked to infiltrate public school systems around the globe through "Applied Scholastics" and the "Study Tech" of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Its own management labels Applied Scholastics a "Church program" and "Scientology-related entity." Scientology also infiltrates schools using seemingly innocent groups like the "Drug Free Marshals", "Youth for Human Rights", and "The Way to Happiness Foundation", in an effort to improve the image of Hubbard and to till the land for his pseudo-scientific doctrines and methods. While the Church has been providing Scientology DVDs and literature to schools for years here in Ireland, this will be the first year that the Church will send Scientologists to give talks to our schools, under the guise of a "Say No to Drugs" campaign.

Study Tech corrupts the most basic principles of most educational systems, representing them in a different manner. This is an effective form of social control over the classroom. Disagreement with the material one is studying is evidence of a misunderstood word (M/U), which must be located and cleared before one can progress. Study Tech includes a convenient blame mechanism. In Scientology, if a concept is not understood, it is always the fault of the student, never that of the teacher or source material.

Study Tech complies with Hubbard’s demands that his ideas not be re-interpreted, or even debated. He puts the emphasis on rote learning (or "duplication" in Scientology) rather than critical interpretation: "A misunderstood word keeps a person from duplicating what the written materials actually say" (Hubbard, "Method 9 Word Clearing The Right Way," HCO Bulletin of 30 January 1973, revised 19 December 1979).[1]

Another principle, that of breaking a subject down into pieces and teaching the simple before the advanced, is called a "gradient" in Scientology. Study Tech teaches that viewing advanced material out of turn can lead to discomfort, and this is used to justify the hiding of controversial materials and encourage deceit such as lies (called an "acceptable truth"), half-truths and misdirection to students and the public.

Children involved in Scientology are treated as adults, their childhood years taken from them. They are often made to work on the organisation's staff from a very young age, for long hours, without weekend breaks, instead of getting a much needed education. An Australian television program, "Today Tonight", aired a segment on Scientology's treatment of children that exposes this further.[2]

The website Ex-Scientology Kids collates the stories of many young men and women of the Church of Scientology. Many of these stories cite long work hours as a child, verbal and emotional abuse, and even sexual abuse. Jenna Miscavige Hill (niece of David Miscavige, the current leader of the Church of Scientology) spoke of her life growing up in Scientology in an interview with ABC's Nightline.[3] Her story describes the mistreatment and intimidation she suffered in the Church's "Sea Org" in her younger years.

Church of Scientology Mission of Dublin Ltd
62/63 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1
11:00 September 13th 2008

About Scientology
Scientology is a movement created by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard in the mid-20th century. It emphasizes man’s immortal spirit, reincarnation, and an unscientific method of psychotherapy called
"Dianetics". On higher course levels, Scientologists learn that Dianetics can't 'cure' lower level Scientologists as their bodies are possessed by the souls of aliens. Scientology blames psychiatry for the Holocaust and the 9/11 attacks, and works for a 'global obliteration' of mental health.[4] Scientology operates a large number of shell companies and front groups. One such group is the "Scientology Volunteer Ministers", which interferes with disaster relief. The New York City Fire Commissioner has called for Scientology operatives to be prosecuted for fraudulently claiming an FDNY Medal of Valor after 9/11.

About Anonymous
Anonymous is a grassroots collective comprised of ordinary people from all walks of life, from former Scientologists and long-time cult activists, to college students and corporate professionals, all united in recognition of the malign nature of the Church of Scientology, the danger it poses to society, and the necessity of action. The Times has said that "Anonymous has made campaigning sexy for the first time since 1968". In recent months, Anonymous protesters have been stalked and, in the US and UK, threatened with legal action in an attempt to dissuade them from protesting, and silence their criticism. Anonymous remain undaunted, and will continue to confront the cult and its numerous front groups wherever they pose a threat.

Project Chanology is an ongoing campaign against the abuses of the Church of Scientology by the collective known as Anonymous. An info package has been created and is available for download at; For more information, see, , or

For information on September's campaign, visit and

To learn about the Church of Scientology's mistreatment and exploitation of children please see - a website to support young men and women who have left the Church.



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