– Near Death Experience

"Anything that may tarnish their reputation is hushed up and not spoken about."


PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 27, 2010 –

The young man laboured to tell his near death experience at the Narconon Trois-Rivieres treatment center in Quebec, Canada. As we stood on the balcony, many of us stared in disbelief as we listened to what he was saying. It seemed incomprehensible that such a thing could happen.

He was a young man; his face seemed drained of life. His usual happy smile was replaced with a colorless look of sadness and wonder. While we were gathered around listening to his story, a Taxi pulled into the parking lot and the driver stepped out of the car. “What’s the Taxi for”, we asked, as the young man directed the driver to the front office.

And here begins this disturbing and absurd story of negligence and treating very ill Patients with the doctrines of Scientology at a Narconon treatment center.

The Sauna Purification Treatment:

This young man had endured and suffered through days in a high temperature sauna, taking large doses of Niacin and other vitamin concoctions. Five hours a day under such extreme conditions, while not being administered his insulin for an acute diabetic condition, was an outrage to many. It didn’t seem possible that a treatment center or caregiver would not supply and administer a physician prescribed medicine that was this Patient’s life line to survival.

The young man was rushed to hospital emergency where the immediate attention of emergency physicians and staff, saved the young man’s life. Without this emergency care, he would surely have died. The hospital staff voiced their disbelief to the Narconon staff member so boisterously, that the young staff member broke down in tears. As the Narconon staff member explained the scene to me, it was a sad situation indeed.

After a few days of hospital care and treatment, the young man called Narconon Trois-Rivieres for a ride back to the center. It was quite late and after several tries with no answer at Narconon, he set out on foot to walk the distance. It wasn’t long before exhaustion set in and he turned around to go back to the hospital. He had no money, but eventually convinced a cab driver that Narconon would pay for the trip once they arrived at the center.

Once at Narconon, nobody could be found to pay for the Taxi and the driver was told to return the next day for payment.

After he told us of his near death experience, I asked if he was going to seek legal advice or any other compensation avenues for what happened. He said, “No, I just want to get out of here and go home as soon as possible.” He didn’t look well and his speech seemed slow and sad.

I later spoke to the staff member who took him to the hospital emergency and she verified the young man’s story. A few minutes after speaking to her, a security guard approached me and said, “David, somebody should call the authorities or media before there is a death here.” I said, “Why don’t you do it – you know the sensitive position I’m in here right now; but I agree with you one hundred percent.” It was a very serious incident that could have easily ended in death, but nothing was done - until now.

The Cover Up:

A few days later, while standing outside with a few staff members, the Narconon, Scientology Executive who was responsible for the young man not receiving his insulin, said in a loud voice, “If I hear any of you talking one more time about this insulin matter, I will “POUND” you.” This executive was well known for her outlandish actions and comments, but nevertheless we knew she meant it and we abided by her threat not to speak about it again.

As in most of the abuses and problems at this treatment center, anything that might tarnish their reputation or attract attention from authorities or media, is hushed up and it is forbidden to speak about it; under threat of punishment. Many cases of Patients being rushed to hospital from seizures while in the care of inexperienced withdrawal unit staff members or suffering from stomach pains due to extreme doses of Niacin, are not uncommon to this treatment center.

Complaints have been forwarded to Heath Authorities and investigations are moving forward to prevent this negligence from continuing unchecked. They are being monitored closely and it may be only a short time before they are closed permanently.

By: David Edgar Love

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David Love
Montreal Personal Safety Examiner.

David Edgar Love now resides in the Montreal area. David does research and writes about public safety, culture, disease and illness, and strives to help persons with human rights and freedoms issues.

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