Meeting in Ottawa


What an awesome, awesome time we had in Ottawa. Incredible, amazing, and funny. I'm sure some of the creative and surprising words and phrases the Senator's Senior Advisor and Aide expressed during our meeting, would not be repeated in the Parliament Question Period,..., LOL.

We didn't go there to just tell a story of abuses, discrimination, exploitation, practicing medicine without a license, and many other absurd, destructive Scientology Doctrines and practices; we left them with a wee pile of documented evidence, with much more to follow

This is huge. Ramifications to the COS, ABLE Canada, Executives from Narconon Canada, and Narconon International are going to feel the squeeze. There is more to come within 2-3 weeks, both Federal and Provincial, with Global and Canada wide intel and input. Anonymous is a well oiled machine and DM will soon eat his words concerning being victorious.

We delivered over 1,000 pages of documents.


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