A price list from 1995. Note the word 'donation' instead of 'price'.

Assuming you do not require any extra auditing that’ll cost you a total of £3,145. Adjusted for inflation that’s about €5,700 which is a sizeable chunk of change – and you still aren’t anywhere near being clear yet.

I found it fascinating that the only course that is actually free is the Hubbard Dissemination Course. You can get yourself a copy of this from wikileaks here. Be warned that the wikileaks file is a 30Mb PDF so you would be advised to save onto your computer before you open it.

The reason I found it fascinating that this is the only free course is because it is a codified recruiting manual. It contains such chapters as the ‘Presesession Processes’ which details how to convince a stranger to undergo auditing (page 98 of the wikileaks PDF) and ‘How To “Sell” Scientology To Your Friends’ (page 124).

Probably the creepiest part of the course is the ‘Dissemination Drill’ (page 10 of the PDF). I give it here verbatim in the hopes that it may give the public an insight into what it is that we are protesting against:


The Dissemination Drill has four exact steps that must be done with a person
you are disseminating to. There is no set patter, nor any set words you say to the person.
There are four steps that must be accomplished with the individual, and they are listed in the order that they should be done:
1. Contact the individual: This is plain and simple. It just means making a personal contact with someone, whether you approach them or they approach you.
2. Handle: If the person is wide open to Scientology and reaching, this step can be omitted as there is nothing to handle. Handle is to handle any attacks, antagonism, challenge or hostility that the individual might express towards you and/or Scientology. Definition of "handle": to control, direct. "Handle" implies directing an acquired skill to the accomplishment of immediate ends. Once the individual has been handled you then-
3. Salvage: Definition of salvage: "to save from ruin." Before you can save someone from ruin, you must find out what their own personal ruin is.
This is basically-What is ruining them? What is messing them up? It must be a condition that is real to the individual as an unwanted condition, or one that can be made real to him.
4. Bring to understanding: Once the person is aware of the ruin, you bring about an understanding that Scientology can handle the condition found
in 3. This is done by simply stating Scientology can, or by using data to show how it can. It's at the right moment on this step that one hands the person a selection slip, or one's professional card, and directs him to the service that will best handle what he needs handled.

These are the steps of the Dissemination Drill. They are designed so that an understanding of them is necessary and that understanding is best achieved by being coached on the drill.
There then follows details on how to coach students in using this drill.

So….not a cult then?

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