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Aussie Senator tells it like it is

The appropriately named Nick Xenophon tells the Australian Parliament about Scientology:…


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"Church of Scientology fined €600,000" - The Irish Times, October 27th 2009

A Paris court has fined the French branch of the Church of Scientology a total of €600,000 after finding it guilty of fraud but allowed the group to continue operating in France.

When the hearing opened, there were expectations that the court could order the group to be banned in France but legislation passed in parliament just before the start of the trial in May, ruled that option out.

The legislation has since been changed back to allow the dissolution of an… Continue

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ABC Nightline double bill

The highlight is Martin Bashir taking no crap from Tommy Davis at the end of part 3 of the October 24th piece.

October 23rd:…


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Sunday World 12th July, 2009


Cult church gets the boot after setting up stall at farmers' fair

THE wacky Church of Scientology have been attempting to dupe farmers

into parting with their hard-earned cash after setting up a stall at a

small country show.

Organisers of the Balieboro Agricultural Show were stunned when they

realised that a team from 'Dianetics' who hired a spot at their annual

event were in fact… Continue

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Sunday World 5th July 2009

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Mindbenders Conference 2007

From the conference brief:

All of us are being influenced, either consciously or unconsciously and we often popularly say about someone whose behaviour we do not understand that they have been ‘brainwashed.’ However, in law it is a concept that is not really recognised. Certainly we find it hard to understand the 9/11, 7/7, 21/7 homicide bombers and the doctor bombers who tried bomb nightclubs in London and Glasgow Airport last June. Our speakers will try to grapple with the…

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First person: I escaped Scientology after 22 years

John Duignan, 45

Interview by Charlotte Philby

Saturday, 21 February 2009

The Independent

Mine was an uneasy childhood. My father was schizophrenic and had bouts of manic depression. He and my mother both died when I was 10 years old, and my siblings and I moved from Scotland to Ireland, to live with my mother’s relatives.

As a teenager, I started to find the idea of an all-encompassing God and protector alluring, and in 1984, moved to a… Continue

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Sunday World 8th Feb, 2009

Article text:

A FORMER high-ranking Irish Scientologist, John Duignan, has revealed how he believes that John Tavolta’s son would still be alive today if he was allowed drugs banned by the celebrity cult.

The ex-member, who escaped from the religion after 22 years, has told how he witnessed many of the church’s members become ill because they were taken off drugs to treat neurological and psychiatric… Continue

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Daily Mail Jan 10th, 2009

As he struggles to come to terms with the sudden and terrible death of his only son, John Travolta is no doubt grateful for the all-enveloping support of his fellow Scientologists.

Losing a child is an unbearable prospect for any parent. Having to cope with such a loss while countless millions around the globe gawp at your suffering is beyond comprehension.

When you are a Scientologist, however,… Continue

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The People - 4th Jan 2009

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Sunday World 7th December 2008

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Sunday World November 16th 2008

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Sunday World November 9th, 2008

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irish Daily Mirror, 3rd Novemember 2008

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Sunday World, November 2nd 2008

Epic four page spread in the SW today:

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Scientology black PR?? In Ireland??

Apparently so.

For those unaware of what black PR is here is the explanation from Wikipedia:

Black Public Relations (BPR) or negative PR is a process of destroying someone's reputation and corporate identity. In other words, instead of concentrating your efforts in the maintenance and the creation of a positive reputation/ image of your clients, you are trying to discredit someone' else (usually your business rivals). Unlike the regular services in Public…

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From the archives - part 2

A price list from 1995. Note the word 'donation' instead of 'price'.

Assuming you do not require any extra auditing that’ll cost you a total of £3,145. Adjusted for inflation that’s about €5,700 which is a sizeable chunk of change – and you still aren’t anywhere near being clear… Continue

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From the archives - part 1

Been going through some old files today and came across this interesting letter from a Scientologist to the Dialogue Centre (the precursor to Dialogue Ireland). I am guessing it is from 1994 (there is no date on it).

The reason I am posting it here, in full, is because it is illustrative of the Scientology response to criticism. I include my comments below.


My name is [name snipped] and I am a Scientologist. You do not know me but you have met my…

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Gerard Ryan writes to Dialogue Ireland

It appears that Gerard Ryan has taken the time to write a little letter to tell Dialogue Ireland exactly what he thinks about our protests. This blog entry is what I think of it.

The first thing that strikes me about Mr. Ryan’s letter is that according to him, apparently, we Anonymous protesters are Mike Garde’s “acolytes”.

Anonymous’ reaction to Mr. Ryan’s claims



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Scientology struck off??

According to the Company Registration Office website they are:

Not sure what the full implications of this is just yet. With the company auditors resigning only a few weeks before this, and the CRO confirming that the mission is listed for involuntary strike off, it does look like the cult is in financial… Continue

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