Party at Narconon Staff Apartment – One Dead (Part Two)Aftercare programs and groups provide ongoing care and support and can help make alcohol and drug prevention a reality for many years to come. F…

Party at Narconon Staff Apartment – One Dead (Part Two)
Aftercare programs and groups provide ongoing care and support and can help make alcohol and drug prevention a reality for many years to come.


PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 07, 2010 –

Narconon Patient Aftercare Program – or Not?

Could the death of this vulnerable and exploited young man, been prevented?

When a patient completes a drug treatment or alcohol treatment program, they do not simply walk outside the door of the facility and begin a new life with no worries or problems. This difficult time of coping in society can be even more stressful when there is no comprehensive aftercare therapy and counselling in place. The three most common issues for relapse are temptation, stress, and relationships. Unfortunately for this young man, all three of these were in his life and evident after he completed the Narconon Trois-Rivieres treatment program.

He was in a relationship with one of the staff members; the temptation was before him with other staff members and ex-students using drugs and alcohol in his environment; and obviously the stress was too much for him to cope and he relapsed back into the horrors of addiction and took his own life. Narconon boasts that their program written by Scientology Author, L. Ron Hubbard, to be a complete cure, and administers an excellent aftercare program which helps keep the person drug free for life. This is simply not the case; especially for this young man.

The aftercare program at Narconon, many times is administered by a staff member, the Graduate Officer, who monitors and attempts to help those patients having problems coping or who have relapsed. Often, the Graduate Officer is a recent graduate of the Narconon program themselves and have no professional training in relapse prevention, except for a “Product Clearing” drill and session administered by their Scientology supervising staff member. Yes, graduate patients from the Narconon program are designated as “Products.” A graduate patient who is doing well is classed as a Valuable Final Product or VFP. These products can be counted on to help bring in more new patients to Narconon and thus fill their coffers and raise the success rate stats in their weekly reports to the Church of Scientology.

Much of the Narconon aftercare program consists of having the patient apply some of the Scientology policies and doctrines they were subject to while in the program. They are generally not referred to an outside therapist, councillor, or any other medical professional. Aftercare is administered within the technologies of science fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard and scientology policies.

Many graduate patients do not even leave Narconon following graduation. Some still fragile and psychologically sensitive, are easily lured into working for them for free or meagre wages as low as 25% of the legal minimum wage. Often being groomed and recruited long before their program is completed; these vulnerable patients are exploited for value.

Did this young man receive the appropriate aftercare from Narconon Trois-Rivieres? I suggest not, as one excerpt from a recent email quote: “….. he had been through Narconon at least three times .. had a kid with (staff member)…..” And another email message quote: “…After graduation he drank right away and then was with Jane Doe, (not real name), when I caught xxxxxx smoking crack…”

There are strict policies in place at nearly every reputable drug treatment center concerning staff member relationships with patients. It is absolutely forbidden and against all ethical and professional conduct when employed at a treatment center, to have any relationship, especially intimately with a patient while they are in treatment and even post program.

“…Part Three of this story will touch on the prolific relationships and effect, from the Narconon Trois-Rivieres treatment center and devastation these relationships can lead to; as was the case with young man in this story…”

By: David Edgar Love

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