Party at Narconon Staff Apartment – Part Three A deadly recipe for chaos, relapse and death. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPRLog…

Party at Narconon Staff Apartment – Part Three

A deadly recipe for chaos, relapse and death.

PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 15, 2010 –

Did the staff at Narconon Trois-Rivieres cross ethical lines of social patient relationships? In my opinion, yes indeed they did, and many vulnerable and ill patients suffered the dire consequences.

A word that Narconon does not use in their program is, “Psychosocial.” It refers to a patient’s psychological development in and interaction with a social environment. The individual is not necessarily fully aware of this relationship with his or her environment and their vulnerability can be easily exploited; as was the case at Narconon Trois-Rivieres.

Boundaries and boundary violations:

Many boundaries exist in the profession of rehab staff employee and patient relationship. These include boundaries of role. The staff must remain on target as a care giver time and behave ethically in their relationship to the patient. There is also a boundary concerning gifts, services, and physical contact. Sexual misconduct usually commences with violations of more minor boundaries. The road to care giver-patient sex begins with progressive boundary violations.

It may be simply a returned smile, a pat on the back, a sore shoulder rub, or gifts between staff and patient. Physical contact is far more prevalent in the Narconon withdrawal unit, where the patients receives “touch assists”; a pseudoscience therapy prescribed by Scientology doctrine. Two Narconon staff employees were fired for touch assisting where they should not have, on female patients.

One staff member received expensive gifts from a married patient, with no objection from executives whatsoever. The staff member was visited by this patient following completion of their program. Sometimes it is not what a relationship really is; it is what it is seen to be by other staff and patients.

At Narconon Trois-Rivieres, at least ten cases have been documented of staff-patient relationships in only an eleven month span. Many of these flings ended up in disaster, with many relapsing and one dead. Some of these relationships were intimate and began while the patients were under the care of the treatment center. Many of the staff members involved, were recent graduates from the program. They had no qualified or credible training in appropriate patient care and ethical conduct. Perhaps they were just vulnerable ex-patients who were recruited into Narconon as many are, but the responsibility for these unethical acts must be pointed towards the executives at Narconon Trois-Rivieres and other executives and staff from ABLE Canada, Narconon Canada, Narconon International, and the Church of Scientology in Montreal. All of these entities were at Narconon Trois-Rivieres, directing and administering directives.

Email excerpts about death:

“…Before he went back to the center last time, he tried to commit suicide…”

“…Then, I knew exactly when he relapsed. Called him at lunch and he did not answer. Never heard from him personally ever again…”

“…Then my brother called to say the cops went to his workplace with (name withheld) picture looking for him stating he was dangerous and armed…”

“…I started to stop believing in the program, but wanted to fight addiction so much. Anyways it caught up with me. When I left I was 27 and felt like 40 years old...”

“…I actually don't know why I told you all of that, but I guess it feels good to get it out...”

“…I just thought of something else. When I heard from (name withheld) the story about (name withheld) having guns and then my brother calling me about the police showing up at his work with a picture of (name withheld), I called them to see if they had found him because I was scared...”

“…And the last letter he wrote on January 1st 2009, I only have the copy because the Ontario Cops still have the original for their investigation (because of the gun) so maybe they have some info there…”

“…(name withheld) threw it over the balcony to him one night…” “… called (name withheld) and then shot himself in the head.. wrote a letter to (name withheld) before he did it... that's really all…”

“…Thanks Dave for getting back to me. I understand what you are doing and why and I also understood that if it goes to Court, things will become public. I also appreciate you trying to keep my family as aliases if possible. I don't doubt you one second about the emails you have received. It is sad. Also having seen how you handled your legal matters at the center, I would not be one to take you lightly. You know your stuff and you are very thorough...”

This four part story is a sad one indeed, and part four could be a couple of weeks or so before being published. There is further information coming in and must be confirmed.

Staff-patient relationships can be devastating and cruel and often lead to relapse and death. Can horrible events like this be prevented? Should the executives and other staff members feel the weight of responsibility or be accountable for the events in this story? In my opinion, there should at least be further investigation and inquiry.

Staff and ex-patient parties involving alcohol and cocaine, are a recipe for death and seems incomprehensible that the staff were employees of a rehab center– Narconon.

Part Four - Final - Next week.

David Edgar Love

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