Cult church gets the boot after setting up stall at farmers' fair

THE wacky Church of Scientology have been attempting to dupe farmers
into parting with their hard-earned cash after setting up a stall at a
small country show.

Organisers of the Balieboro Agricultural Show were stunned when they
realised that a team from 'Dianetics' who hired a spot at their annual
event were in fact members of Tom Cruise's weird cult. Philip Fyfes,
who is in charge of trade stands at the Co Cavan show, said he had no
idea that the 'company' who said they offered free stress tests and
sold self-help books were actually Scientologists.

More than 1,000 people attended the show last Sunday and many availed
of the free tests before being offered books written by Church founder
L Ron Hubbard.

One woman who was lured to the stall said she was saved by her dog
after the animal became impatient while she was quizzed about her work
and relationships. "I had my dog with me and he was on a lead and got
bored and started pulling me away. On the stall they were selling DVDs
and books and they tried to sell me Dianetics books as I left."

Dianetics is the system of beliefs practiced by Scientologists and is
a term mainly used by the Church to market itself when trying to bring
in new recruits.

John Duignan who spent 22 years as a high ranking member of the cult
'church' warned organisers of festivals across the country: "Be on the
lookout for the Church because they will never identify themselves for
who they are. They use names like Dianetics and other names like
Narcanon and Criminon. "The Church of Scientology is a cult and it is
a dangerous organisation."

Scientologists have been racking their brains about how to beat the
recession in Ireland and save their ailing mission by luring new
clients with promises of financial success and career improvements.

It is offering courses in finances, anxiety and even child rearing at
knock down prices in the hope of starting new recruits on the so
called 'Bridge to Total Freedom'. "The Church of Scientology wants
nothing more than your money. It will appear to be a place where you
can find the answers to your problems but it is not," says Duignan.

"I once thought it had the answers and I was lured in. But it ended up
nearly destroying my life. Now I am starting again and I hope my
experience will keep others away."

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