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"I'd have killed for Cruise cult" - The Sun, Nov 1st

A TOP Scientologist who escaped the cult has given the most explosive insight yet into the shady “celebrity religion”.

A-list followers including Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley and John Travolta believe their faith is the secret of their success.

But for John Duignan it cost him everything and everyone he held dear after he become a leading figure in the church’s British branch.

John says he was so brainwashed that he would have… Continue

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Irish Mail on Sunday, Oct 26th

SCIENTOLOGISTS are furious about a new book by an Irish writer that is set to expose the controversial church's military plans - including a sinister mission to 'clear the earth'.

Author John Duignan claims to be a former high-ranking member of the church's secret army, the Sea Organisation or 'Sea Org', which answers directly to leader David Miscavige.

His book, The Complex: An Insider Exposes The Covert World Of Scientology, details the weapons… Continue

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Scientology black PR?? In Ireland??

Apparently so.

For those unaware of what black PR is here is the explanation from Wikipedia:

Black Public Relations (BPR) or negative PR is a process of destroying someone's reputation and corporate identity. In other words, instead of concentrating your efforts in the maintenance and the creation of a positive reputation/ image of your clients, you are trying to discredit someone' else (usually your business rivals). Unlike the regular services in Public…

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October 18th Press Release


Source: Anonymous

Anonymous Announce 'Operation: Lulz of the Dead'

DUBLIN, Ireland - 18th October 2008 - The collective known as Anonymous marches forward on their path of exposing the fraud and abuses of the Church of Scientology with a worldwide protest this Saturday. This will be the ninth such protest to take place since Anonymous announced their intent to "dismantle the Church in its present form" in January of 2008. Since then, Anonymous… Continue

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From the archives - part 2

A price list from 1995. Note the word 'donation' instead of 'price'.

Assuming you do not require any extra auditing that’ll cost you a total of £3,145. Adjusted for inflation that’s about €5,700 which is a sizeable chunk of change – and you still aren’t anywhere near being clear… Continue

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From the archives - part 1

Been going through some old files today and came across this interesting letter from a Scientologist to the Dialogue Centre (the precursor to Dialogue Ireland). I am guessing it is from 1994 (there is no date on it).

The reason I am posting it here, in full, is because it is illustrative of the Scientology response to criticism. I include my comments below.


My name is [name snipped] and I am a Scientologist. You do not know me but you have met my…

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Cult watchdog says scientology group targeting Irish schools - Sunday Tribune, 28 Sep 08

Ireland's cult watchdog has contacted gardaí and the Department of Education over concerns the Church of Scientology is planning to target secondary school children under the guise of providing drug awareness programmes.

Mike Garde, director of Dialogue Ireland which monitors cult activity, said he has received information that the drug awareness group Narconon, run by the Church of Scientology, is planning talks in Irish schools.

"This is a major… Continue

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Taxman's Threat to Strike Off Cult - Sunday World, 28th Sep 08

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Gerard Ryan writes to Dialogue Ireland

It appears that Gerard Ryan has taken the time to write a little letter to tell Dialogue Ireland exactly what he thinks about our protests. This blog entry is what I think of it.

The first thing that strikes me about Mr. Ryan’s letter is that according to him, apparently, we Anonymous protesters are Mike Garde’s “acolytes”.

Anonymous’ reaction to Mr. Ryan’s claims



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Mind Body Spirit Raid at RDS

I will be attending the expo, but can't do the raid. I will 'happen' to be at the right place at the right time with a vid cam to film it. Please let me know what time and what day(s) you will be doing it. I can get 50 free entrance passes to the show with what I'm doing there. If someone will meet me outside a bit before I can give them to you so you can do every day without having to pay. Let me know what you think

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Anonymous Announce 'Operation: School's Closed'

DUBLIN, Ireland — On Saturday, September 13, the collective known as Anonymous will stage a global protest against the Church of Scientology management, its attempts to infiltrate schools, and its internal exploitation of children. Since January, Anonymous has staged seven successful, non-violent protests at over 130 Scientology centres around the world, including the Mission of Dublin Ltd on 62/63 Middle Abbey Street.

Each global protest has a theme intended to raise public… Continue

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Scientology struck off??

According to the Company Registration Office website they are:

Not sure what the full implications of this is just yet. With the company auditors resigning only a few weeks before this, and the CRO confirming that the mission is listed for involuntary strike off, it does look like the cult is in financial… Continue

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Sunday Business Post 17/08/08

SBP scan

Critics of the Church of Scientology picketed the organisation’s Dublin headquarters yesterday, as part of a worldwide campaign by opponents of the religion.

The protest on Middle Abbey Street was the latest in a series of protests by Anonymous Ireland, which describes itself as a ‘‘grassroots collective’’ of people who oppose Scientology. More than 100 masked protesters attended the first Dublin protest in February.

Anonymous organizations protested at… Continue

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Six Scientology cult officials working in England illegally

Hello, this is Anonymous.

It has been discovered by Anonymous that several high level managers within the Church of Scientology are currently working in the United Kingdom without the appropriate work permits. They are effectively working and living in the country as illegal immigrants. This information has been passed to the UK Border Agency, who are now mounting an investigation.

This Information concerns the following individuals:

US Citizen Maia Dube.… Continue

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'Church' of Scientology front group to exhibit in Cork

This weekend, from the 27th to 29th of June, Cork's City Hall plays host to a 'Mental Health Awareness Weekend'. While ostensibly organised by the "Citizen's Commission for Human Rights Ireland", this is in reality a front group set up by the Church of Scientology to campaign against psychology and psychiatry, with their event this weekend going so far as to feature lectures from a 'Dianetics counsellor'.

As you can read on their website they believe that… Continue

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Anonymous writes for the Irish Times

Is Scientology a dangerous cult?

The Irish Times

Monday 28/04/2008

'THE PHELAN Family [from Clonmel] has not seen or heard from their brother Tony since January 2002. Prior to that we had only seen him on a couple of occasions since 1994 when we made our first public protest against Scientology. Tony's involvement in Scientology has led him to disconnect from us. He has a family who loves him and wants him to reconnect. Scientology has broken up our family." - flier… Continue

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